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Multiplying Interfaith Meetings: Uniting Christians and Muslims for Social Good and Peace.

At the core of our mission lies the belief in fostering connections between Christians and Muslims, working hand in hand to build and preserve peace.This ethos, encapsulated by our initiative "Efesia," serves as the driving force behind our actions.


Why Host Such an Event in Our Country?

Ours is a multicultural nation where diverse religious and beliefs coexist, often without deep mutual understanding. Recognizing the significance of seeking common good, the founders of this event emphasize the importance of fostering dialogue. Mary, revered as a pivotal figure by both Muslims and Christians, serves as a bridge for their encounter.


The Significance of This Event

This encounter unfolds with a profound triple significance: spiritual, community and civic.


Spiritual: Mary occupies a central place in the spiritual narratives of both Christian and Muslim traditions. The resonance between the accounts of the Annunciation in the Gospel of Saint Luke and the Quran underscores her universal importance. As a paragon of faith in God or Allah, Mary embodies a shared reverence, serving as a conduit for interfaith connection and understanding.


Community building: Recognizing the inherent freedom in individual beliefs, this event celebrates personal spiritual journeys while honoring community ties. Embracing the principle of "Love of the Neighbor," participants uphold the foundational tenets of their faiths while fostering mutual respect and appreciation.


Civic: In the fabric of everyday life, opportunities for meaningful dialogue between Christians and Muslims can be scarce. By rallying around a shared value, this gathering serves as a catalyst for enhanced social cohesion and collaboration. Through "Together with Mary," adherents from both communities are encouraged to embark on a collective journey towards peace and harmonious coexistence.


Highlights of the May 4th Encounter


The event will take place in the Saint Christophe church in Charleroi, and it will be enriched by the contributions of representatives from both communities.


Key elements of the program include:

  • Harmonious melodies from Christian and Muslim choirs, symbolizing unity amidst diversity.

  • Intergenerational symbolic gestures along the Way of Peace, underscoring the timeless quest for harmony.

  • Inspirational addresses based on the Blible and the Quran, fostering dialogue and mutual understanding.

  • A poignant symbolic gesture followed by a convivial moment of fellowship around a shared buffet, exemplifying the spirit of unity and inclusivity.

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