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Samedi 4 Février2023 à 15h 


Multiplying meetings between Christians and Muslims, acting jointly for the most disadvantaged and building peace, is our conviction and the heart of our action. (Efesia)


Why this event in our country?

Our country is a multicultural country where several religions coexist without really knowing each other. The initiators of the event believe that it is important to look for meeting points. Mary is the intermediary par excellence for Muslims and Christians to meet.


What is the significance of this event?

The afternoon of 4 February had a triple dimension: spiritual, popular and civic.

Spiritual: Mary is an important spiritual figure for the communities of both religious traditions. The accounts of the Annunciation in the Gospel of Saint Luke and in the Koran are very similar. For both Christians and Muslims, Mary is a model of faith in God or Allah. She is also - through the respect that both communities have for her - a fundamental and precious link between the two faiths.


Popular: Men and women are free in their beliefs. Faith is a personal journey, while at the same time allowing for membership of a community. This does not imply that one understands everything, but that one respects the precepts that form the basis of it. "Love of the Neighbour"

Civic: In everyday life, Christians and Muslims have relatively little dialogue. Meeting around a common value is therefore an opportunity for a better living together in society. The meeting precedes the dialogue. Thanks to "Together with Mary", Muslims and Christians are called to move forward on the road to peace.


Highlights of the meeting on 4 February:

This event was jointly animated and punctuated by interventions from representatives of each community.Some elements of the programme:

"Together with Mary" started in the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church in Molenbeek. (Brussels)

It will be accompanied by the singing of several Christian and Muslim choirs. 

Intergenerational symbolic actions on the Way of Peace.

Speeches by Mgr Jean Kockerols, auxiliary bishop of Brussels and Imam Abou Youssouf.

Symbolic gesture and moment of conviviality around a buffet.


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